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About The Detailer LLC.

Who Are We?

For starters.."we are not a detail company"...

Although detailing is part of our business, we are now a "One-Stop-Shop" for all cosmetic services. We offer fleet management services, tint, audio, video, graphics and design, paint and body repair, restorations and much more. We make life easier on our clients so they don't have to travel to multiple places to get things done, We Can Do It All!

We come to you…"MOBILE"
Wherever you are, at work, the golf course at your home. We are a totally mobile detail shop. Your time is valuable. Our service allows you to continue your regular routine uninterrupted.

Since 1984, our mission has been superior customer satisfaction and building client trust. Here at The Detailer, we offer a full line of automotive cosmetic services:

• Complete detailing
• Fleet management services
• Audio & video installation
• Paint & body repair
• Window tinting

We are completely mobile and will bring our services to you, offering you a stress free, bumper-to-bumper total aesthetic makeover of your ride. Our customers create the terms, they let us know when and where, and we make it happen.

We promise to utilize the highest quality products on your vehicle for complete client satisfaction. Our proficient, experienced workforce is here to serve you, to make your car shine and to prove our reputation for quality work and great client relations. We are Tulsa’s best automotive detailers.

Matt & Sharon Snedden

Matt & Brandi Snedden

Owners, The Detailer LLC.

About The Detailer LLC.

Matt & Brandi Snedden
Owners, The Detailer LLC.

First of all, I'm not your average detailer. I started this business when I was 16 years old cleaning cars for friends and family.. After going to college, it gave me work when I came home during holidays and summer vacation. In 1994 I received my degree Public Relations and Advertising/Ghapic Design & Speech. I spent my first 9 years of my career in the corporate world. My main career focus was in sales, marketing and project management. However, with an ever changing corporate environment, and a growing family I needed a job that was flexible. So, I went back to what I knew best, cleaning cars! I purchased our first mobile unit in the spring of 2005. We started this business mainly offering detail services. However, we now offer a full line of cosmetic services. From interior repairs to graphics, audio & video to vinyl kits, paint and body, we've become a "one stop shop" for our clients and dealers. My reputation, quality of work, and client relations are what we value most.
Hope you will give us a try.

Best Regards,
The Detailer LLC.